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> > In the path scheme, we (Michael Shapiro and I) came up with the idea
> > of folding a fallback system into the path resolution process ...
> I think it would be a good idea if a majority of those people
> inventing UR[ACIN] systems would look at the X/Open Federated Naming
> work.  It includes many of the concepts and constructs people are
> grasping for, and you'll probably start to see it bundled in O.S.
> shipments within 12 months.
> Unfortunately, I don't have a pointer other then "X/Open" as to where
> to get the docs, nor the time/expertise to post a worthwhile synopsis
> to this list.
> 	/r$

In September 1994, an electronic copy of the X/Open XFN specification was made 
accessible for review only to URI-WG members -- I beleive this offer has 
expired... In any case, here is a copy of the XFN publication metadata one can 
view at <URL:>

---------- start
Federated Naming: The XFN Specification


This X/Open Federated Naming (XFN) Preliminary Specification defines the model 
of a federated naming
service together with an associated programmatic interface, and specifies the 
naming policies to be used in
conjunction with this service. Collectively, these definitions are called the 
XFN Specification. 

Document Reference:

X/Open Preliminary Specification P403 ISBN 1-85912-045-8 28cm. 290p. pbk. 
720g. 8/94 

List Price/Shipping Code:

$ 70.00 # 40.00 B 


See P314 X/Open DCE: Directory Services 1/94 

Becomes C403 Federated Naming: The XFN Specification 7/95 

----------- end


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