Re: Comments on "URN Services"

We thank Dr. Renato Iannella for his thoughtful comments on our proposal.

> Some comments on the Internet Draft by Shafer (et al)
> "URN Services" (draft-shafer-uri-urn-resolution-00.txt)
> 1 - The syntax and structure for URNs has changed !
>     I was under the impression (from "Generic URN Syntax"
>     internet draft) that a URN consisted of:
>       naming-authority:resolution-host:opaque-string
>     The new proposal seems to be:
>       urc-type:resolution-host/naming-authority/opaque-string

There is currently no syntax and structure for URNs.  Our proposal
is one of several competing proposals.

Ours is:

> 2 - I can see the need to be able to specify a "type"
>     of URC to be returned. I would prefer to see:
>       urn:urc-type:naming-authority:resolution-host:opaque-string
>     Each urc-type would be defined in an internet-draft like
>     "Trivial URC Syntax: urc0"
>     The opaque-string would point the the "full" URC of which the
>     urc-type would be returned (if many types are supported by 
>     the resolution service).

I believe we simply disagree about terminology rather than substance
here.  We view a URC as a record, and a variety of projections or views
of that record will be possible, each of which is accessible via a
service of known behavior.

> 3 - What is the reason for a URL to URC service? It sounds
>     likes a nightmare to maintain. It may even allow users
>     not to ever assign a URN ?

The mapping of URNs and URLs via URCs will indeed be  a challenging
task.  It is exactly the sort of thing done today by centralized
cataloging organizations.  It will be necessary in the electronic world
as well. One very important use of a URL to URC service is to search
existing collections of URCs to determine if a particular object
already has a URC (thereby reducing the production of duplicate URCs.

> 4 - In the URN to URL service it says that a single URL should
>     ultimately be returned. What if I have a URN that identifies
>     the Technical Reports written by my organisation:
>    I would like this to return a list of URLs of all our
>    tech reports:
>    Should there be a "URN to URLS" service ?
>    (This is related to point 2 above)

A URN may well (often will) map to a collection.  But clicking on a
link should NOT return all objects in such a collection, but rather a
surrogate record representing the collection (for example, am HTML list
of the URNs or URLs associated with the componenents of the record).

But yes, there will be a URN to URLs service, because it will be useful
to ask the question, "What are all the known URLs associated with a
particular object?"  Its just that this is not the *default* service.

Part of the point of our proposal is that we need not imagine all the
services ahead of time... we're not smart enough.  The system must
accomodate growth in functionality.


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Received on Wednesday, 7 June 1995 08:07:37 UTC