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Re.: URA headsup

From: Leslie Daigle <leslie@beethoven.bunyip.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 15:26:27 -0400
Message-Id: <9506021926.AA07535@beethoven.bunyip.com>
To: rdaniel@acl.lanl.gov, uri@bunyip.com

[Ron Daniel wrote:]

> [...]The current
> I-D on URAs is less than illuminating, so I hope Leslie will revise

I will do what I can with it, but this is a bit vague in terms of a 
criticism of the document.  If you (or anyone else) has any specific
suggestions for areas where clarification or change would be useful,
they would be appreciated!

> see the revised I-D,a demo of the software, and have a chance to ask
> Leslie questions. (Leslie, can you demo the system to us at Stockholm?)

This should certainly not be a problem. After my experience of showing
the then-current version of the software in Danvers, however, I will have
to find out about installing it locally on one of the machines there.

As I said in earlier mail, we are also interested if there are people
who want to play with the alpha version before then.  The alpha version
does come with an introduction to writing your own URAs for the
system, which is probably what would give people the most experience 
with the current URA concept.

> An ugly question - if we decide that the UR architecture can benefit
> from a scripting capability, shouldn't we have a requirements document
> before we have a specification?

Well, I don't think it's an ugly question.  If the document that we
put together does nothing more than promote the basic idea, then I 
believe it will have been successful.  As I said before in e-mail, and
at Danvers, we have put this forward because we feel there is a 
general need -- not because we are married to the particular spec
or implementation.  If it doesn't capture the essence of what is needed,
then it should change.

However, I will point out that I don't think it would have been effective to 
put the whole notion of scripting/objects/agents forward in the absence of a 
concrete suggestion for supporting it. 



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