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Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 09:13:58 -0600
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Subject: Re: Stockholm meeting Tuesday morning (one session)

Thus spoke Larry Masinter:   (at least on May 31 at 11:01pm)

> Personally, I think that we do have a primary problem: 'not enough
> focused work getting done on the mailing list', and only secondarily
> 'too many things on the plate at once'.
> That is, there is little or no traffic on issues around URNs and URCs
> on the mailing list; secondarily, we're opening up new issues (URAs).
> I've been trying to encourage those who are working on various
> proposals to discuss their work more openly on the mailing list. It
> isn't reasonable to wait until the week before the meeting, release a
> document, and then expect rational discussion at the meeting.

As one of the guilty parties, let me announce my schedule for
sending URN and URC info to the list.

Next week I will send a draft specification for the URC service.
I hope it generates a lot of discussion. After that, I will start
revising chunks of the URC scenarios draft and sending the new
stuff to the list as it is generated. After that, I hope that the
scenarios draft can move on to RFC status, and that was Michael
Mealling's intention the last time I checked.

I haven't formulated a plan for URN work at this time, having been
concentrating on URCs lately.

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