Apollogies and correction

Dirk.vanGulik (Dirk.vanGulik@jrc.it)
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 01:14:22 +0200

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 01:14:22 +0200
From: "Dirk.vanGulik" <Dirk.vanGulik@jrc.it>
Message-Id: <9507172314.AA04112@ jrc.it>
To: uri@bunyip.com
Subject: Apollogies and correction

Sorry for the previous message, re-reading it I realize that
it was not very well phrased, about 20 times to long and I now
also fear that I might have offended some hard working people.
I'll try not to hit the send button at an impulse. 

Also an applogy for the addresses at the very bottom.They were
out of date. The ones below here should work (at least seen
now at 1 am from stockholm)

In URL-ed URN expression:

URN->URL	http://elect6.jrc.it:4500/FULL/<urn:x-dns-2:ceo.org:ext.59015.iana>
URN->URC	http://elect6.jrc.it:4500/<urn:x-dns-2:ceo.org:ext.59015.iana>

See you, an apologetic

Dirk-Willem van Gulik