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annotated proposed charter

From: Leslie Daigle <leslie@bunyip.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 07:16:24 -0400
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Now, the annotated version of the proposed revised charter...

[Definition of the group:]

  The URI-WG is chartered to define a set of standards for the encoding
  of system-independent resource identification, description, and
  location information for the use of Internet information services.

[Work carried out by the group:]

  The working group is expected to produce a set of documents that
  identify the requirements for system-independent resource identification,
  description and location; define the architectural components necessary
  to perform those tasks; and specify standard interfaces for those
  components.  The group will also produce informational documents on the 
  Uniform Resource Identification architecture, which will describe the roles of
  various forms of URI and will offer quidance to the group when other forms of 
  URI are suggested during the lifetime of the working group.

[What will remain, as contributions, after the group is done:]

  These documents will provide a framework that allows Internet users,
  applications, and services to access, describe, and uniquely identify
  Internet resources, all with appropriate levels of security.  Informational
  RFCs will remain as guidelines, both for the standardization of specific
  URI proposals as well as the development of new URI genres (UR?) after
  the lifetime of this working group.

Goals and Milestones [and agenda items (-->)]

Oct 95  Revise RFC 1738 (URLs), move to draft standard status.

Oct 95  URC scenarios draft to informational RFC.

Oct 95  Mailserver and finger URL drafts to proposed standard.

[--> Oct 95 Draft of changes to RFC1736(URLs) for discussion]

Dec 95  Revise RFC1808 (Relative URLs) (or move to draft standard)

[--> Dec 95  Draft Uniform Resource Architecture paper for discussion -- 
             what is, and is not, a URI?]

Jan 96  Revise RFC1736 (URLs)

[--> Jan 96  Interim report/draft RFCs of group studying URN proposals -- 
             see below]

Feb 96  URA draft to experimental RFC

Jul 96  Proposed standard for general URN syntax.

Jul 96  Informational RFC on general URN resolution.

Jul 96  Proposed standards for specific URN syntaxes.

Jul 96  Proposed standards for specific URN resolution procedures.

[--> This can be done if we have an objective task-group evaluating the 
     existing URN proposals off-line:  i.e., comparing the proposals to
     the URN informational RFC, discussing perceived discrepancies with
     the proposers, and drawing up the generic requirements of a
     URN system (i.e., what must be met in order to be called a URN
     system).  These requirements can then be debated on the URI list
     in general.  Then, any proposals may be declared to be URN systems if
     they meet the requirements, or adjusted as necessary.]

Jul 96  Uniform Resource Architecture informational RFC

[-->  Jul 96  Draft of RFC1737 changes (tied to above activities)]

Oct 96  Generic URC draft to proposed standard.

Oct 96  Revise RFC1737(URNs)

Oct 96  Proposed standards for specific URC applications

[--> Dec 96  Discuss vetting RFC draft; sentiment for last call on WG

Jan 97  Informational RFC on vetting specific URI schemes after
        this group has dissolved.


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