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Roy's remarks

From: Leslie Daigle <leslie@bunyip.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 04:51:37 -0400
Message-Id: <199507170851.EAA11425@beethoven.bunyip.com>
To: fielding@beach.w3.org, uri@bunyip.com

Clearly, Roy and I have a different perspective on what the original
URI charter said.  

[Among other things, Roy said:]

> That is ludicrous.  What I am proposing is an explicit return to
> what the WG was originally chartered to do, as is quite evident from
> our current charter:

Perhaps you are proposing an explicit return to what YOU interpreted the
original charter to mean.  Evidently, there are several different 
interpretations of that document, and the group would perhaps be best 
served by finding a concensus interpretation.

> You wish to expand the charter to include the topics that are clearly
> important to your work and that of Bunyip, and are surely of importance
> to the Internet as well.  Fine, but don't try to mask it as something
> the WG was intended to do originally.  If the WG wishes to expand its

I think it's pretty sad that you feel obliged to ascribe differences in
opinion to such dark motives.  As I have said, I do not believe
I am expanding the charter, having talked with Peter about what _he_
thought he was writing in that document.

> for us to expand the scope of URI-WG when it has so far failed to
> deliver on what it was tasked to do 3 years ago.

I'm not advocating bogging the group down any further.  Let us also 
distinguish between the charter and an agenda.  My first proposed charter
re-write included URCs and URAs, and other important-and-related topics,
but the milestones focussed on getting URLs and URNs finished with first.

I am sorry, however, that you will not be here for the URI-WG meeting where
I hope to do a 10 minute presentation of an Internet application that is NOT
WWW, and yet uses URIs... there is a much bigger Internet world out there
than just the WWW....



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