Re: Follow up on charter proposal

> For background info, see <URL:>
> This paper proposes a new DNS record "DX" (Directory eXchange), which 
> can be simulated for the moment with "TXT" (TeXT) records:
> ->
>     TXT "dx: 0 ldap://"
>     TXT "dx: 10 ldap://"

The "URNs considered harmful" draft has a similar proposal, only
it uses the domain from a URL as the "naming authority" for the
DNS lookup.

> PS Just for fun - what would the degenerate case be (no DX records) ? 
>  Talk HTTP to an IP address associated with the domain name ??  A la 
> MX - but which port number ?!

If URLs are used for resource names, the degenerate case becomes:
access the URL via normal means.


Received on Saturday, 8 July 1995 15:01:08 UTC