Re: Survey of URI implementation work (was: Re: Follow up...)

To add a minor data point to Peter's long list, Ed Balas and I have
hacked HotJava to understand xdns2 URNs, get a URC, parse it, and fetch
from a URL. In addition, we have an example of a "3'rd party" URC
server that rates internet resources according to various forms of
offensive content. The browser sends URNs and URLs to the ratings
server, gets the URC, parses it and compares the ratings for the
resource with limits in the browser. If the limits are exceeded, the
resource is not fetched. If the limits are not exceeded, the resource
is fetched and displayed. We also have HTML forms for creating new
URCs. I will be happy to show this to any interested parties at
Stockholm. Once our web pages for all this stuff are complete,
I will give out their URLs.

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