Re: URI Revised charter proposal

Erik Jul said:

> A useful, limited, and measurable task for the WG to charter may be to 
> identify and list existing standards for recording or encoding metadata, 
> their respective standards bodies, the audiences they serve, the systems 
> that support them, and other data as deemed useful and appropriate. 
> Producing such a cogent document will lay a needed, solid foundation.
> I propose this as a task for the URI WG to be expressed in the charter.
> I would think this could be substantially accomplished within four months.

To which Larry Masinter replied:

: This would be an 'informational' document, and I can see no advantage
: to doing this within a working group of the IETF or in it becoming an
: RFC.

Chris Weider expressed an opposing view when he said:

* I agree completely that this is an urgently necessary task. Cecilia
* Preston and others working on the CNI White Paper on Metadata have already
* done a lot of this work; perhaps they could be persuaded to help out on 
* this project.

For what it is worth, I would like to see such an informational
RFC produced, but not as part of the URI-WG. Stu Weibel is setting
up a bar-bof for metadata. I suggest that at that bof we talk
about a more specific charter for a metadata working group. This
sort of informational RFC could be one of the products that group
is chartered to develop, along with recommendations for use of
metadata on the Internet.


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