URL with multiple server names

Keith Ball (kball@kballuw.SJF.Novell.COM)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 09:44:07 pst

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From: kball@kballuw.SJF.Novell.COM (Keith Ball)
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 09:44:07 pst
Subject: URL with multiple server names

I am working on putting the HTTP protocol on another transport, 
something other than IP.  Since I am from Novell, it is reasonably
easy to assume it is IPX.  An HTTP server will be built that
supports both HTTP running on IP and IPX.  I would like to have a 
single URL be used to access a document, regardless if the client uses
IP or IPX to access the HTTP server.  The problem lies with the 
server name.  The naming systems are different.  The IP network uses 
DNS and the IPX network uses NDS, an X.500 naming scheme.

One solution we have thought might work is to add the IPX server name 
onto the URL somehow and leave the DNS name in the URL as it is 
currently is defined.  This would allow existing browsers, etc. to
work.  However, how is the IPX server name added to the URL?  I 
thought the ";" separator could be used, but I am unsure of its 
usage.  Therefore, I am looking for a way to extend the URL to add an 
alternate server name without breaking any of the other 

My questions:
1) Is there a standard method to extend the URL with an alternate 
server name?

2) Will the ";" work as a compatible separator for our information
that wont break other clients, servers, or gateways?

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