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Paul Hoffman (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:54:16 -0800

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Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:54:16 -0800
To: Larry Masinter <>,
From: (Paul Hoffman)
Subject: Re: this is what I meant

>Header fields occur
>after the first "/", until
>you encounter a line with no ":";
>then subsequent lines are coded
>with _ replacing space. It's a
>little hokey, but easier to type
>common mailserver commands.

Ugh! The parser should look for a line with no ":"?!? I think saying what
it* should* look for to delimit the body, like Dirk's suggestion of "//",
is much cleaner. BTW, I strongly think we should not invent a "Body:"
heading for this URL, in case anyone wanted to...

I see two issues with the syntax so far:
- where to put the headers and how to specify them
- how to specify multiple lines

These are separate issues, in my mind.

--Paul Hoffman
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