Re: Predraft of a new URL scheme: mailmsg

At 6:41 PM 1/4/95, Larry Masinter wrote:
>While there are lots of ways for malicious individuals to spoof email,
>this opens up a new threat, which is a way that a malicious individual
>could cause someone ELSE to spoof email through their system.
>This is a *new* security consideration; it's been noted for the
>'gopher:' URL and needs to be noted for the mailto/mailmsg one.

At the risk of beating this horse to death, let me say one more time that I
very much agree that there is a security threat and it should be
documented.  However, I would hope that even though there is such a hole,
that it not preclude a possible mailserver URL that I proposed some months
ago or even the less general mailmsg proposal.

The lack of a URL to perform e-mail retrieval does seem to me more
problematic than this security hole.

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