Re: Predraft of a new URL scheme: mailmsg

At  4:48 PM 1/2/95 -0800, Paul Hoffman wrote:
>In the URL spec, RFC1738, the "mailto" scheme is defined and is described as:
> ...
>I propose a new scheme, "mailmsg". A "mailmsg" URL takes the form:
>        mailmsg:<rfc822-addr-spec>/<subject-text>/<context-text>
> ...
>- I avoided using the "mailserver" name ...
> ... [but] I'd certainly be willing to rename my proposed scheme as
>"mailserver" to reuse that name.

  I'd been having very similar thoughts, Paul, and would encourage this.
  I'd personally find "<body-text>" or "<message-text>" to be clearer than
  I'd also prefer the "mailserver" name for it, because I believe that's a
more descriptive name for what's being done with your proposal.  I either
missed or have repressed the earlier discussion on "mailserver", but I hope
it will be possible to use  "mailserver" instead of "mailmsg".
  I had wondered about the desirability of allowing for the specification
of required MIME headers in the URL (perhaps part of the earlier
discussion), but I agree that the proposal you've made handles everything I
know of, so I'm for it.  Perhaps if others need that kind of information it
could be appended after <context-text>.  If no one proposes the need and
format specifics, however, I'm not going to.

> ...
>- I'll put together a formal Internet draft of the proposal (with the
>obligatory BNF) after a few days of discussion about this "predraft". If
>RFC1738 gets updated in the next year or two, the draft and associated
>comments can be folded into it if people here agree that that would be a
>Good Thing.

  Certainly a Good Thing in my book!  Thanks!


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