Re: Revised Internet-Draft: finger URL

LM == Larry Masinter <> 
PH == Paul Hoffman <>

  LM> Sorry for weighing in late on this, but my personal opinion after some
  LM> consideration is that
  LM> finger://
  LM> is preferable to

  PH> - How to allow
  PH> finger:user@usershost@host1@host2

Is this not covered by <URL:finger://host2/user@usershost@host1>?  (Assuming
I unwrapped your example correctly.)

  PH> - How to allow "/W".

Similarly, is this not <URL:finger://host/%2fWuser>?

  PH> Also, I would like to see discussion about allowing host:port in this
  PH> syntax. Should it be allowed, even though RFC 1288 says only serve on
  PH> port 79?

I support not allowing a port specification for the finger scheme.

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