Re: HTTP URL to support multiple naming services

On Jan 31, 11:29, Keith Ball wrote:
> Subject: HTTP URL to support multiple naming services

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}The nameservice that we will initially support will be NDS, BINDERY,
}and DNS.  NDS and BINDERY are 2 forms of NetWare name service.
}An example URL:

I don't favor exposing Netware (nor any other vendor) specific naming 
challenges to the Internet. 

Why not just write parsing / mapping extension for a webserver you 
(Novell) provide for Netware? You could handle all of this for your NDS 
& BINDERY naming scheme and keep it internal to Netware environment and 
proxy it in your own Web server product.

For example, the above URL section "/" could 
be specified as "/NDS/" and Novell specific 
mappings / translations deal with the NDS/BINDERY specific naming.


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