Specifying MIME type for a Linkage

Eliot Christian (echristi@usgs.gov)
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 07:19:17 -0500

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Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 07:19:17 -0500
To: gils@cni.org, uri@bunyip.com, Z3950IW@NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU,
From: Eliot Christian <echristi@usgs.gov>
Subject: Specifying MIME type for a Linkage

In the GILS Application Profile, there is defined among the GILS Core
Elements a "Linkage" element. This element contains a URI referring to
another locator record, other locators, off-the-shelf information products,
or data systems that support analysis and synthesis of information. 

Associated with the Linkage element is a "Linkage Type" providing the MIME
type of the object identified in the Linkage URI. For example, in the case
of an URL that uses the "HTTP" scheme, the Linkage Type must be coded with

I am wondering if the requirement in GILS for coding the Linkage Type is
still in line with the current thinking on URI's and the evolving manner in
which clients perform hyperlinking. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  

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