Copying editors' drafts in W3C space

So, one o the items we have on the publication pipeline wishlist is the
ability to automatically copy editors drafts on

My guess would be that we would put them under /drafts/ or /editors/.

In order to facilitate the task of the script that would do this copy,
I'm wondering if requiring a manifest file would be acceptable. That
would avoid having to determine the dependencies between resources in
the document.

The logic would be something like:
- Try fetch the manifest

- if that fails, simply fetch
 and declare victory

- if the manifest is retrieved, go through the entries one by one, fetch
them (including create subdirectories as needed), and declare victory.

Not sure how to approach the problem of keeping it up-to-date yet.
Ideally, the editor should have nothing to do and it's done
automatically for him, but I don't imagine yet our systems pulling all
the editors draft every minute. We might be able to listen to
notifications out of github however.

What do people think?


Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 21:13:43 UTC