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Electronic Stamp & ITU Second Secure Internet

From: Happy Noppee <herestoyou2009@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 03:40:14 +0000
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Dear W3 thank you for all your great work. I most humbly suggest another best security measure is to have federal governments sell electronic federal stamps to download on federal post office sites; immediately protected by each nation and international mail fraud laws. Eventually each stamp can be coded and time stamped with a unique secret code and time of creation stored only in a master government computer like say NSA and by steganography or better on each unique stamp image to be downloaded. This will track all time and movement of each stamp and what it is attached to ; cheaper and better than any block chain. It will only cost energy if and when checked for regular or chosen security checks. Of coarse thin thread and tor or better tech could also be used here. T he stamp price will cover all costs and perhaps you and things like wikipedia could get a little money for promoting this. The power of existing time honored Federal Law and International Law is what is so important here more so than all the tech but tech helps a lot too.
               Most humbly I also suggest we need an entirely new secure internet reaching all people on earth now following ITU law no religion, no politics, no commerce, no crime, as we tried to start using Ham radio in 1976 before any darpanet arpanet internet or World Wide Web. This will put the half of humanity ; who may  never have a cell tower ; online securely; to receive education, medicine, seed and crop prices, jobs and contact with friends and family everywhere; as we originally intended in 1976 and maybe yet this will fulfill ever blessed Sir Tim Berners Lee dream of an internet Magna Carta with a second truly global free secure to usall internet number two. This should have been Internet number one shame on me I apologise to you all for taking so long. The ARRL may help here.
Love you for what you do and love to usall hankusage@gmail.com
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