Re: W3C Mailing List Admin: Message sent to W3C mailing list, but it's not getting listed in GMane - why?


* Axel Dahmen <> [2014-12-04 01:41+0100]
> Whenever I post a message to ""
> (, my message seems to get posted to the mailing list
> (well, I do receive replies in my e-mail inbox, that's my hint) but my
> message is not getting listed on GMane.
> I've been reporting this issue to the GMane mailing list "gmane.discuss" at
> GMane. Ted Zlatanov from GMane replied to my issue report:
> "I tried resubscribing but the GMane automagic is not working, I think. Can
> you check with the list owner if is
> subscribed?"
> So, can the W3C webapps mailing list admin please verify and confirm that
> above user is subscribed to the above mailing list?

That address is not subscribed to public-webapps. It looks like
the subscription confirmation request was not responded to:

I see on the gmane info page for this list, 'Type: mailman'
but W3C does not use mailman, we use a customized version of
smartlist. Maybe that's why the GMane automagic isn't working.

Gerald Oskoboiny
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2014 21:20:21 UTC