W3C Mailing List Admin: Message sent to W3C mailing list, but it's not getting listed in GMane - why?

Whenever I post a message to "gmane.org.w3c.webapps" 
(public-webapps@w3.org), my message seems to get posted to the mailing list 
(well, I do receive replies in my e-mail inbox, that's my hint) but my 
message is not getting listed on GMane.

I've been reporting this issue to the GMane mailing list "gmane.discuss" at 
GMane. Ted Zlatanov from GMane replied to my issue report:

"I tried resubscribing but the GMane automagic is not working, I think. Can 
you check with the list owner if goww-public-webapps@m.gmane.org is 

So, can the W3C webapps mailing list admin please verify and confirm that 
above user is subscribed to the above mailing list?

Your help is appreciated.

Axel Dahmen 

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2014 00:42:21 UTC