Feature suggestion: Detect hash tag and expand corresponding group automatically in groups list?

Hello Ian,

Once a community or business group gets proposed, it enters the "proposed" list. Next thing you'll want to do is to point people to it so that they support your great idea.

A proposed group does not have a dedicated page AFAICT. So you'll end up with an anchor in the list of proposed groups, for instance:

Given the current number of proposed groups, the anchor does not help much: on typical desktop screens, the browser will stick to the top of the page. Not exactly the visibility you'd like to have for your super cool group-to-be.

Proposed solutions:
- expand the corresponding section in this page automatically (through JavaScript) based on the hashtag
- and/or create a real page that people could bookmark and share for each proposed group


Received on Monday, 26 September 2011 09:19:10 UTC