About a 2009 email

Hi. I'm Oguh.

I had wroten to you on past, http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/site-comments/2009Sep/0040.html 
  , because I thought people not programmers may have deprecated  
commands as FONT on HTML to ensure them could do a website too. Being  
tough is not a path only for programmers unless a worsten path.

as result of saying this info for HTML 5, a thing that I think useful  
for people, my email and more had been published PUBLIC instead of  
private of people like you that could have it in a very programming  
HTML 5 form. People inside your project instead of PUBLIC. Well, More  
than 1 year had past, and a simple thing, that could be done in this  
current PUBLIC info that is show "***** <****@*****>" instead of "oguh  
<oguh@pobladores.com>", a thing that could prevent spamming to me in a  
whole year, is not done by you. And not done for the other people too.

It's not a big cost to ensure only logined could read those emails. Or  
even, you have the info on a text file, original, and when you want to  
include new emails, make a program to read that text, convert emails  
into "*" and thats all. They will say "gimme the number 40 from  
comments 2009 September". A simple DBASE III on past could give that  
info. If you use it, a LIST command will show you the text but not the  
email (protected/hidden field). It's so important to prevent spammers.  
If you search on Google this: hotmail -site:www.hotmail.com msn forums  

you obtain ****, and so emails. The people is very unconscious about  
public/private issues.

On your case, is clear that I could reach your list, and then, i.e, http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/site-comments/2008Sep/0007.html

I found **** ****@**** (her) email. Then, on Google I find more  
(hidden on this email because it could be published)

I find (hidden), she is on ****, on university, and **** let me see  
**** and:

I never met her.

why anyone on this world needs this info? If they need to contact her,  
then, why not say it to you?
Typing that other email, I reach **** where I found more and more  
emails. Any people with public profile that had type their emails will  
give their emails. Any spammer could try to endorse them to their spam  

I think HTML 5 toughly could combat spammers because the people will  
continue giving a necessary email, and it's not enough stopping Google  
from searching "@". People like you don't have enough time to protect  
the personal info the people shares with you only to say "I'm not a  
bot, I'm not malware, spammer, troll, etc". To say you a simple  
message: today the people is not thinking as at 70's , 80's, 90's,  
today they had deprecated the mind and have the acceleration, the "go  
faster and finish it on whatever form", the "we don't have enough  
money for brainstorming, etc" or for our minds.

It was very simple on past, you know, the BASIC was simple and faster,  
and could have that memory programming to even call the assambler  
commands there. Or the simple LIST command, learn by kids. The HTML  
could appear, the HTML 1.0, without FONT, etc, starting complicated  
for anyone. Being only for professionals with an experience reaching  
the top, Microsoft, Sony, etc. But, even thinking with more time,  
those commands hadn't been deprecated on past. Why? You may know it.

You could change:


INT 10
INT 20

or IN/OUT at your wish, but, Overlay files on Turbo Pascal, or .DAT on  
3.20 MS-DOS, or DLL on Windows and others aren't a new thing. You  
could make a ultrafaster professional DLL for HTML5, HTML5Pro.dll,  
that will use only professional commands, and then HTML5Basic.dll,  
that will use FONT, and so commands. Some people will use BASIC only.  
Or even link BASIC with pro, in form:

- Command FONT. Reference: Call HTML5Pro (DIV Style XXX,XXX,..)

- Command DIV Style. program

(that is about not doing 2 DLLs with EQUAL effort, or to be more Pro  
than using BASIC one (you know, Pro contains a lot of resources more  
than basic).

The BASIC was the operating system and people need it for anything.  
DOS was not there and DOS was very poor, need always external programs  
to run this or that. On BASIC, you could read and write files, erase  
screen, control pixels, etc. DOS only let you manage files. DOS is  
HTML5 now? BASIC is HTML5. But BASICPro never had appeared on past.  
Why? Why write it so complicated for anyone? At the end of all, HTML  
emulation could be useful, HTML4emulator, for the deprecated  
programming. But, those deprecated couldn't access the new functions  
then. Endorse better HTML5 Basic one and include new BASIC commands.  
Don't choose only the pro.


Received on Sunday, 31 October 2010 15:43:43 UTC