I've been trying to download the above release of Amaya for four days  
now; I've tried both the http and ftp links for both Ubuntu and Debian  
packages, and tried each several times. Everytime the download hangs  
(usually at about 45% complete).

I have never compiled an application in Linux before and I don't want  
to start now - likewise I don't want to have to open a Bugzilla  
account or join a mailing list to get  a solution.

In the short term I've downloaded Kompozer as an alternative  
(incidentally verifying that the problem does not appear to be with my  
machine / connection), but I would like to try Amaya if anyone can  
point me to a download link that will work.

Can anyone help please?

Ian Ibbetson

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Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 21:23:39 UTC