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On 1 Oct 2010, at 10:21 AM, Karl Dubost wrote:

> W3C communications Team,
> The W3C WG Home pages have greatly improved in the last few years.  
> Congratulations.
> There is a possible source of frustration for common users of W3C  
> Web sites, specifically in time where the information is broadcasted  
> to communities lightly related to W3C core participants.
> I was reaching the "Points of Interest (POI) Working Group" home  
> page [1] with a browser without any cookies and W3C account set this  
> morning.
> =================================
> 1. Click on "participants" link [2]
> 2. A modal window is popping-up with login/access

Hi Karl,

Thanks for the heads-up. I've replaced the member-only link with the  
public one. For the other general suggestions, I will talk to the  
sysfolks and web design folks.

  _ Ian

> 3. If click "Cancel", we receive a page with the following information
> 	"Sorry, Password Required
> 	An account (with a password) is required to view the page that you  
> requested.
> 	If you don't have one, request a new account.
> 	If you have an account but forgot your password, recover your  
> password.
> 	In case of trouble with any W3C Web account, please send an email  
> to
> 	If you still have a question, please consult the Webmaster FAQ or  
> to find the information you are looking for please start on the W3C  
> Home page or the W3C search page."
> =================================
> This page is a bit dry in terms of design and doesn't really address  
> the issue. Requesting an account will not necessary give access to a  
> Member confidential page.
> # Suggestions: different types of UX scenario (not all inclusive)
> * Remove the display of Participants from people who do not have the  
> credentials for viewing it.
> * Show the Participants link but with [Member only] when you do not  
> have Members/Staff credentials. (It will imply a cookie) and just  
> the link when you have the right credentials
> * Create a better design of the error page. Maybe something which is  
> custom depending on the type of interactions you got. We know people  
> are coming from a specific URI containing "dbwg". It is then  
> possible to explain why you need an account and who can get an  
> account for accessing participants information.
> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks :)
> ps: not urgent.
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