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Re: Much harder to find things on the new web site

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 14:49:46 -0500
To: "Becky Gibson" <Becky_Gibson@notesdev.ibm.com>
Message-Id: <336F79C4-A79E-4C46-B8C2-107059398B2B@w3.org>
Cc: site-comments@w3.org

On 20 Apr 2010, at 2:35 PM, Becky Gibson wrote:

> I have been using the updated W3C web site and I have to admit I  
> still have not gotten used to it and I find it very difficult to  
> find things. When I land on the home page - I really have no idea  
> what sidebar navigation to pick to find the HTML 5 working group  
> page.  I would guess "Web Architecture" -but going there still  
> doesn't help me to find HTML 5.   So, I try again, ok Web Design and  
> Architecture.   So, I drill down again to HTML & CSS - then I have  
> to search through that page until close to the bottom I find HTML  
> and HTML Working Group.   Sorry, but that just isn't intuitive to  
> me.   I often find myself not even bothering to try and find things  
> and just use search.  Hopefully others find this new format easier  
> to use but I definitely find in much harder.  Just my two cents - do  
> with it as you wish.  Luckily my finger memory still finds w3.org/ 
> wai/gl and the other accessibility related URLs I have memorized.

Hi Becky,

Thanks for the feedback!

In the redesign we put forward "products" over groups with the idea  
that more people would be looking for the HTML5 spec than the HTML WG.  
The path that you followed favors information about topics rather than  
information about groups that produce those documents.

The list of documents is available on the "Standards" page (first link  
of four at the top of every page on the site).

The list of groups is here:

Some ways to get to groups:

  * On the W3C home page in the intro blurg at the top of the home  
page there's a link to "groups"; it's a bit buried but there.

  * Participate (link at top of every new page), then there are two  
links on that page (It's the first link in the "quick links"
    column and in the body of the page under the "Groups" header).

  * Following the path you took:
       Web Design and Applications ->
       HTML & CSS  (http://www.w3.org/standards/webdesign/htmlcss)

      And on that page at the top there are links to "current status  
of specifications" and then another one to "groups".

  * A search for HTML returns www.w3.org/html as the fourth result  

I would be happy to chat more with you (perhaps offlist) about your  
navigation expectations.

  _ Ian

> regards,
> -becky
> Becky Gibson
> Web Accessibility Architect
> IBM Emerging Internet Technologies
> 5 Technology Park Drive
> Westford, MA 01886
> Voice: 978 399-6101; t/l 333-6101
> Email: gibsonb@us.ibm.com
> blog: weba11y.com/blog
> twitter: http://twitter.com/becka11y

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