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> Hello,
> To whom it may concern,
> Not quite sure how important being validated with W3C is but I did
> validate 5 of my pages so far for XHTML Strict.  Please help
> out here, though, I notice talk on your site about html 5 and want  
> to know
> if I am wasting my time validating for XHTML Strict?  IE makes my  
> pages
> look different that Safari or FireFox which is a known problem for any
> code on any website. What do you recommend? Everything Proxy is to  
> unblock
> websites and social bookmarking. I have 20 more
> pages to correct and don't want to waste time and I would rather do it
> right the first time.  Any quick response and help is appreciated.

Hi Luis,

 From recent experience, there may be a difference in IE rendering  
depending on whether you are using an XML declaration at the top of  
your xhtml documents.

In my opinion (though I expect others on this list may know a lot  
more), rendering differences are more likely due to css interop than  
to the choice of html or xhtml serializations.

Making CSS work across browsers is an art; there are lots of resources  
available through search engines from people who encounter all sorts  
of issues. I probably can't help you with specific rendering issues.

  _ Ian

> Thank you in advanced
> Regards
> Luís

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