pages look different that Safari or FireFox

To whom it may concern,

Not quite sure how important being validated with W3C is but I did
validate 5 of my pages so far for XHTML Strict.  Please help
out here, though, I notice talk on your site about html 5 and want to  
if I am wasting my time validating for XHTML Strict?  IE makes my pages
look different that Safari or FireFox which is a known problem for any
code on any website. What do you recommend? Everything Proxy is to  
websites and social bookmarking. I have 20 more
pages to correct and don't want to waste time and I would rather do it
right the first time.  Any quick response and help is appreciated.

Thank you in advanced

Received on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 19:01:36 UTC