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can't find info

From: Sandra Silva <sssilva@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 16:34:13 +0000
Message-Id: <4EE7DE53-877B-48E7-B0FE-C5887BCADAD9@comcast.net>
To: site-comments@w3.org
To whom it may concern,

Not quite sure how important being validated with W3C is but I did  
validate 5 of my pages so far for XHTML Strict.  Please help a sister  
out here, though, I notice talk on your site about html 5 and want to  
know if I am wasting my time validating for XHTML Strict?  IE makes my  
pages look different that Safari or FireFox which is a known problem  
for any code on any website. What do you recommend? I have 20 more  
pages to correct and don't want to waste time and I would rather do it  
right the first time.  Any quick response and help is appreciated.  : )

Newbie at this stuff,
God bless,
Received on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:17:15 UTC

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