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W3C website (accessibility)

From: Bene Anderson <anderson@uni.net.th>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:33:29 -0500
Message-ID: <000001c54a3f$1cfaa2f0$03021cca@ben>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
I am very worried and disappointed by the W3C web site. While it may (or may not) be paradise to a visually impaired person, it is an absolute nightmare to me. I am trying to teach courseware designers about accessibilty and just reading the web site is a PAINFUL experience. 

Have you ever heard of usability, readability, learning styles or pedagogy. This has to be the worst web site I have ever seen!

If this is the future of accessible web design (even though I know it is not) then I would recommend developers to give up. The point is that many people make web sites in this day and age. They are not super geeky web programmers, they are everyone!!!! Web publishing has become easy. If you look ar the Macromedia site, they have a short concise and practical section on accessibility. The RNIB explains concepts in NORMAL language. Accessible design needs to be explained clearly and simply. The documents go on and on and use vast amounts of unnecessary language. Why do you have to bang on about copyright all the time? I thought you wanted people to implement your ideas. 

Basically, cut out all the crap and make the W3C website accessible to average human beings!!! Try changing the layout, using normal size fonts, presenting information in small chunks, use visual graphics to support points, hire someone that knows how to write, need I go on!!! 

Grumpy regards, 

Mr Benedict Anderson MSc, BSc
Teacher of mathematics, music and IT
Multimedia Author and composer
Courseware developer for the Thai Ministry of Education
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