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Graphical Accessability

From: LittlePixel <littlepixel@theworldkrakcartel.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:20:14 +0100
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BCF6079E.C68D%littlepixel@theworldkrakcartel.org>
Hello; My name is Huw Gwilliam and I'm Art Director of a medium size web
agency in London, UK

As an idea and organisation I applaud the motives and work of WC3, but I
feel I have to write and voice my dismay that as a showcase for
accessibility your own site is so lack-lustre graphically and

Surely when there is call for a graphic, it should be as legible, clean and
conforming as humanly possible. I find it almost hypocritical to read the
stringent rules by which a site should be made clear and accessible
textually in a site framed with such a shabby logotype (Stretched type? -
please!) and clunky buttons, where the very first line of live text on the
homepage is set in italic - widely recognised as the biggest no-no in
legible web typography.

The thing that really gets me is the accessibility banners you've created in
an aim that other sites might proudly display them; We are aiming to get the
next version of our corporate site fully compliant but I feel almost
embarrassed to display your button banners on our site. With this view I
have created our own clean versions (Attached) and wonder aloud whether your
public persona may be something you consider attending to as a showcase of
good practice graphically.

Huw Gwilliam

(image/gif attachment: W3C_banners_06.gif)

(image/gif attachment: W3C_banners_07.gif)

(image/gif attachment: W3C_banners_10.gif)

(image/gif attachment: W3C_banners_11.gif)

(image/gif attachment: W3C_banners_14.gif)

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