Re: PNG trashes my mozilla and galeon browsers

On Saturday, May 31, 2003, 12:09:46 AM, Robert wrote:

RPJD>   when i try to follow the new PNG link, my mozilla browser
RPJD> under RH 9 gets killed.

RPJD>   when i try it using galeon, i get an error message complaining
RPJD> about an ADOBE env variable not being set properly and, again,
RPJD> galeon gets killed.

RPJD>   what on earth is behind that link?

Sorry that you had problems. Its not so much what is behind the link,
as what is in your Mozilla plugins folder.

You have an unsupported beta version of an adobe plugin for the SVG
format, which was released before Mozilla made a major change to both
their plug-in API and changed which compiler was used on Linux.
However, the Mozilla and Galeon browsers you are using date from after
these changes.

As a result, there is a known binary incompatibility between this
plugin and both of the browsers you tried (both of which use the gecko
rendering engine):

>> W3C is aware that there is a known incompatibility between the
>> unsupported beta of Adobe SVG plugin for Linux and Mozilla versions
>> greater than 0.9.9 due to changes in the plug-in API, causing a
>> browser crash. Therefore, a normative PNG-only alternative version
>> is available that does not use an object element. The two versions
>> are otherwise identical.

You may want to consider uninstalling the incompatible plugin, or
installing a newer one: please see the Bugzilla report on it:

Please use this alternative link to view the new PNG specification

The content is identical, except that there are no object elements in
this version and thus, the incompatibility is not triggered.


Received on Saturday, 31 May 2003 08:52:15 UTC