ChatGPT, ontologies and SPARQL


I asked chatGPT to create a sparql query for DBPedia by translating my 
question expressed in natural language : "Give me all the names of the 
cities located in France whose number of inhabitants is greater than 

Its answer was as follows :

/here's the SPARQL query to answer the question://
//PREFIX dbo: <>//
//PREFIX dbr: <>//
//SELECT ?city //
//WHERE {//
//  ?city a dbo:City;//
//        dbo:populationTotal ?population;//
//        dbo:country dbr:France.//
//  FILTER (?population > 10000)//

/This query uses the dbo prefix to access the DBpedia ontology and the 
dbr prefix to access the DBpedia resources. It selects the names of 
cities (?city) that are instances of dbo:City, have a total population 
(?population) greater than 10000, and have the dbo:country property with 
the value dbr:France (which represents France)./

We can see on social networks several tests of chatGPT related to 
ontologies.  Do you think we can use chatGPT to query natural language 
ontologies (if we give it the structure before, of course)? And if we 
give a consequent corpus in learning to the GPT-3 algorithm (or its 
successor), do you think that it could build the ontology based on this 
corpus? More generally, will our vision of ontologies not be modified by 
the arrival and the rise of this kind of tool?

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Received on Tuesday, 17 January 2023 14:39:38 UTC