Re: Where has the FOAF spec gone ?

Ah, FOAF - very much a

I think the perceived wisdom is that FOAF is pretty much never going to change.
You will notice that the “status” of all the properties we know and love is “testing”, with the rest being “unstable” or “archaic” (I think).
Personally I would be horrified if I had to start tracking FOAF changes in the dozens (or more) of Linked Data sources I generate or consume.
If I couldn’t rely on FOAF being substantially unchanging, I might decide to avoid it altogether, and use an ontology of my own, that I could control - hardly good for the Semantic Web.

The value of making any useful changes is likely to be very much outweighed by the consistency problems with legacy RDF.
We should celebrate that FOAF has been so widely used that legacy is an issue!

By the way, your example seems wrong to me.
FOAF has givenName and familyName
And the specs for these say: "Support is also provided for the more archaic and culturally varying terminology of firstName and lastName.”
And then of course there is “name”.

(There are quite a few others there, if you really want them, but they are “archaic” - givenname and surname, as well as family_name.)


> On 24 Feb 2023, at 19:26, Peter Rivett <> wrote:
> Thanks Dan and Georg,
> The latest version is a lot cleaner than I recall.
> However what I was really looking for was a more formal/transparent process for managing the ontology going forward e.g. via a GitHub repository, so people could raise and track issues and see them resolved in a new version.
> For example, the provision of only firstName and lastName, though it reflects most IT systems in the US, is pretty Anglo-centric and does not even encompass Portuguese naming.
> And the social media/chat IDs are pretty outmoded - MSN Chat, Yahoo Chat etc. and no Twitter, Mastodon, TikTok, Discord etc. Or LinkTree.
> My new company, Golden, manages an open, crowd-sourced Knowledge Graph (see with several such properties driven by community demand and being able to provide our triples as FOAF could be of interest.
> Regards,
> Pete
> From: Georg Rehm <>
> Sent: Friday, February 24, 2023 8:58 AM
> To: Peter Rivett <>
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> Subject: Re: Where has the FOAF spec gone ?
>  Dear Peter,
> regarding FOAF: the company Field 33 provides an Open Source registry called Plow which hosts a mirror of FOAF (and various other ontologies):
> Plow is an ontology registry and package manager that provides version resolution and dependency management.
> Daniel had posted the link back in December but due to changes in the backend the link didn’t work, but now it does (again). 
> All the best,
> Georg
>> On 22. Feb 2023, at 22:08, Peter Rivett <> wrote:
>> What's the chance of getting some (semi-formal) governance over this widely-used spec, e.g. ability to raise issues, agree changes, release new versions etc. ?
>> Immediate aim IMO would be to get rid of dead external links (not sure if they're still in the latest) - which actually constitute a security risk (if someone buys up those domains and installs something malicious).
>> I'd be happy to help
>> Regards
>> Pete
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>> Schedule a meeting at
>> From: Dan Brickley <>
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>> Subject: Re: Where has the FOAF spec gone ?
>> Easter 2023
>> On Wed, 22 Feb 2023 at 13:32, Sarven Capadisli <> wrote:
>> On 2022-11-03 18:49, Dan Brickley wrote:
>> > Apologies for the outage, but it's nice that folks miss this!
>> If/when will it be back?
>> -Sarven
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