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[Job] Postdoctoral Researcher/Lecturer @ TU Dresden, DE

From: Markus Krötzsch <markus.kroetzsch@tu-dresden.de>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2022 11:26:48 +0100
Message-ID: <b9eaf678-442d-270e-9aa3-23b49d99bad3@tu-dresden.de>
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Dear all,

We are looking for a senior postdoc/lecturer to join us in Dresden 
(Knowledge-Based Systems group). If you might be interested, just send 
me an email so we can discuss the options. Below are some more facts if 
you don't know us yet :-)

Please also forward to potential candidates you know.



# What do we work on?
- Knowledge graphs and symbolic AI
- Applied theory & well-funded applications
- Practical projects we recently contributed to include Wikidata 
(semantic wiki) and VLog/Rulewerk (datalog)
- See also https://iccl.inf.tu-dresden.de/web/ICCL/en

# Why Dresden?
- One of Germany's best universities (official "U. of Excellence", 
outstanding track record in DFG research funding in CS/ICT)
- Strong knowledge graph/semweb focus (profs Krötzsch, Rudolph, Baader; 
closely connected research groups with joint events etc.)
- Fully international group culture
- Beautiful city, wonderful natural surroundings, yet one of the most 
affordable large cities in Germany
- Higher salary grade available (TV-L E14 [1])

# What you should bring:
- PhD degree (now or soon to be completed)
- Interest in working with us, but also in bringing your own topics
- The skill to get your work published in your target field of expertise
- German is optional (we fund intensive German courses at leading 
institutes for our international members)
- Willingness to contribute to group projects and/or teaching

If you are interested, please contact me by email. No formal application 
needed yet.


Depending on the applicant, available funds could also be used to create 
a high-level TV-L E13 position (postdocs with prior work experience in 
Germany) instead of a TV-L E14 (higher entry level salary; more 
attractive to international applicants)

Prof. Dr. Markus Kroetzsch
Knowledge-Based Systems Group
Faculty of Computer Science
TU Dresden
+49 351 463 38486

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