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Dear Semantic Web community,

In case you are interested in joining our discussions or watching the 
keynote of MK2022, note that we had to change the conference system we 
use. Here is the new link:


Le 27/05/2022 à 17:59, Antoine Zimmermann a écrit :
> Dear all,
> On Sunday 29th May 2022, the first workshop on Modular Knowledge 
> (MK2022) will take place in Crete, co-located with ESWC 2022. Part of 
> the workshop will be dedicated to building a “map” of the field(s) of 
> Modular Knowledge, for which we request your help and participation, 
> whether you are present in person or not.
> If you are interested in the topic, we invite you to join the online 
> discussions that will take place in parallel to the on-site 
> interactions, using the following link:
> There will be a virtual whiteboard on which all ideas will be collected.
> The mapping of the field will be both geographical (where does the 
> research on Modular Knowledge happen?) and metaphorical (what are the 
> sub-areas of Modular Knowledge and how are they related to one another?)
> The same link will be used for the remote keynote presentation by Denny 
> Vrandečić at 4 pm EEST (local time at the workshop location = 1 pm GMT = 
> 2 pm BST/WEST = 3 pm CEST = 6 am PDT).
> You can find the program of MK2022 at
> Best,
> The organisers of MK2022
> Loris Bozzato
> Valentina Anita Carriero
> Torsten Hahmann
> Antoine Zimmermann

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