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Thank you. I added a comment in the project's source code referencing the earlier work.

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although the focus is a bit different, this strongly reminds me of Components.js:

At least part of their ontology could be reused/aligned in your project, IMO.

On 06/06/2022 04:18, Adam Sobieski wrote:
Semantic Web Interest Group,

Hello. I would like to share some recent ideas and results from the Nifty project ( ,

The project is exploring n-ary, URI-based semantics, e.g., n-ary SPARQL, and exploring semantics-enhanced software messages and events.

A recent idea is that of semantics-enhanced software extensibility. Software add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions - which might reside in JAR's or DLL's in applications' "Plugins" folders - can utilize semantic metadata to describe their functionalities and the types of semantics-enhanced messages and events that they produce and consume. In this way, system initialization algorithms can load and then automatically interconnect them. That is, add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions can provide semantic metadata for reasons including enabling system initialization algorithms to automatically interconnect them as producers and consumers of semantics-enhanced software messages and events.

Thank you. I hope that these uses of Semantic Web technologies are of some interest to the group.

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Adam Sobieski

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