Re: The future of the W3C?

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> This matters to us in the Semantic Web and RDF world, because the governance structures most appropriate for developing large complex pieces of technology (canonically the web platform, but also RDF + RDFa + SPARQL + JSON-LD + SHACL + RDFS + OWL etc.)… might not be also appropriate for participation in the creation and curation of schemas/ontologies (or even datasets that use them). 

This is indeed something that merits further attention: what kind of process and tooling would better support collaborative work on vocabularies / ontologies at all stages of maturity, ranging from a handful of people agreeing on shared models, to international standards fundamental to global trade and services.  One potential way forward would be to organise a workshop together with other standards development organisations and stakeholders to see if we can align on metrics for  different levels of maturity and adoption.  With that in mind, I started to sketch a 5 star rating system inspired by TimBL’s framework for datasets.

A separate question is about the future of the Web in respect to AI and the complementary roles of symbolic and distributed representations of knowledge (artificial neural networks), along with the desire to make semantic technologies easier for a much wider audience. What is the potential role of W3C in relation to encouraging research and innovation, building upon open source and open datasets?

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