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Re: Chartering work has started for a Linked Data Signature Working Group @W3C

From: Henry Story <henry.story@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 13:53:10 +0200
Message-Id: <1B930205-FF82-4716-B4B7-6BDB4B341DE1@gmail.com>
Cc: semantic-web@w3.org
To: Peter F Patel-Schneider <pfpschneider@gmail.com>

> On 27. May 2021, at 13:26, Peter F. Patel-Schneider <pfpschneider@gmail.com> wrote:
> It would be very useful to have a reference command that converts a JSON-LD document to quads. Can anyone provide such a command?

There are quite a few listed on the https://json-ld.org page.
For Java I found that the Titanium tool worked for the credentials security vocabulary but not the JSONLD-Java because the later versions are using JSON-LD 1.1. So I’d make
sure you are using a 1.1 parser. With the 1.0 parser I found I ended up with an
empty graph or DataSet.


> Thanks in advance,
> peter

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