Re: SHACL Shapes Generation - A quick survey

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Thank you, Thomas, Sven, Joshua, and Holger, for taking the time to reply to my question and for your suggestions. I looked into them carefully. 

Indeed these are interesting use cases and study directions. It seems though that the main focus is to obtain shapes from ontologies, what about deriving shapes from instance data?
In a sense, on the one hand, we can use the TBox statements; on the other hand, we can try to derive from the ABox instead.
The first group of tools contains methods like Astrea [1], and the second group contains for instance SHACLGEN[2] and tools like Shape Designer [3].

Here we aim to know the usage of such tools and their use cases.

Also, I have prepared a quick survey I would like to ask you and the rest of the community to fill out (it will take max ~2 minutes, only 1 mandatory question): <> 

[1] Cimmino, A., Fernández-Izquierdo, A., & García-Castro, R. (2020, May). Astrea: automatic generation of SHACL shapes from ontologies. In European Semantic Web Conference (pp. 497-513). Springer, Cham.

[2]  <> <>

[3] Boneva, Iovka et al. “Shape Designer for ShEx and SHACL constraints.” ISWC Satellites (2019).

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Received on Monday, 26 April 2021 08:41:25 UTC