[SIAS 2021, Updated deadline] Symposium on Intelligent and Autonomous Systems

Symposium on Intelligent and Autonomous Systems (SIAS 2021)

Virtual. June 21-23, 2021.  <https://www.sscc.fr/SIAS2021/>


The needs of our daily life push forward modern systems to be well connected
more user independent, autonomous, and smart. Intelligent and Autonomous
Systems (IAS), that support IoT and CPS, facilitate difficult daily tasks in
large eras of applications, especially in industry where a large amount of
collected data should be efficiently analyzed in order to be optimally
exploited. IAS offer a great importance and promising outcomes with a direct
impact on a society safety, productivity, and development. The difficulty
arises on both sides of either developing new IAS or enhancing the deployed
ones with the needed features and capabilities. IAS run on different
environments and should follow different standards that make it difficult to
ensure IAS requirements. Many solutions were developed in academia and
applied by industrial to build a smart and autonomous system. Some of them
rely on formal methods and system engineering whereas others look forward on
big data and data analysis using mainly artificial intelligence techniques,
in addition to other research areas such as networking, security,
resiliency, etc. SIAS2021 provides a platform for professionals from
academia, government, and industry to discuss how to address the increasing
challenges facing IAS.


IAS design and architecture

.        IAS modeling (formal models, SysML, UML, etc)

.        Correct-by-construction in IAS

.        MBSE, MDA and DDA for IAS

.        Virtualization and digital twins for IAS

.        Blockchains and decentralized architecture for IAS

.        IAS smart Networking

.        Communication protocols for IAS

.        Edges, Fog, and Cloud in IAS

.        Distributed database for IAS

.        Web services for IAS

.       Social aspects and human interaction in IAS


IAS Analysis

.        Artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning in IAS

.        Model checking and theorem proving for IAS

.        Abstraction and compositional verification for IAS

.        Optimization and SAT solvers for IAS

.        Dynamic and static analysis for IAS

.        Statistical analysis for IAS

.        Testing for IAS

.        Smart decision making in IAS

.        Fog and edge computing for IAS


IAS Assurance

.        Security specification, requirements, and management in IAS

.        Security in distributed IAS

.        Modeling, analysis and detection of attacks in IAS

.        Data mining for cybersecurity in IAS

.        Security protocols for IAS

.        Safety policies for IAS

.        Safety reinforcement models in IAS

.        Safety standard analysis for IAS

.        Resilience metrics and models for IAS

.        Resilience strategies and plans for IAS

.        Recovery systems for IAS resiliency

.        Recommendation guided decisions for IAS resiliency


IAS Applications, Implementations, and Use cases

.        Applications and Software Platforms for IAS

.        IoT and CPS for IAS

.        Smart cities

.        IAS for industrial and production CPS

.        Autonomous robots and vehicles

.        Human-Robot Interaction

.        Smart logistics (transportation, supply chain, etc)


 Important Dates 

.        Submission Date: 30 April,2021

.        Notification to Authors: 25 May, 2021

.        Camera Ready Submission: 4 June, 2021


Submission System 

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