Entailment checking with pizza ontology


I'm learning to do entailment with HermiT and I'm trying to do basic 
checking: does Margherita pizza have Mozzarella topping?

I'm using the pizza ontology from here: 
https://protege.stanford.edu/ontologies/pizza/pizza.owl and trying to 
write entailment ontology with Manchester syntax:

Prefix: : <http://example.org/margherita.owl#>
Ontology: <http://example.org/margherita.owl>
Class: Margherita
         hasTopping some MozzarellaTopping

This results error:

Parser: ManchesterOWLSyntaxOntologyParser
Encountered hasTopping at line 5 column 8. Expected one of:
         Class name
         Object property name
         Data property name
  (Line 5)

I'm failing to find any examples for entailment ontologies. Anyone know 
any, or can help with this one?

Thank you!

Received on Friday, 28 February 2020 10:53:46 UTC