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The W3C has always used as its main domain name, as far as I 
know. has existed as well as an alias. All W3C vocabularies and 
standards use URIs for the address of the documents, the 
identifers of components, entities, concepts they define, and the email 
addresses of its staff.

I don't think anything is changing in this regard, and very unlikely to 
change at all in the future because URIs are cool.


Le 22/05/2019 à 05:31, Paola Di Maio a écrit :
>   I have noticed in recent months - but cannot tell how long it has been 
> - tha the domain name
> of W3C website (previously <>) has been shifting 
> to <>
> Have seen no public statements nor press releases, but a domain change 
> generally
> has administrative implications, like in the case of mergers and 
> acquisitions etc
> Could someone kindly inform what kind of organisational shifts
> may W3C going through?
> On a related note, I have been trying to propose AIKR CG meeting at TPAC 
> (that would be my first TPAC attendance) but it is not clear why I am 
> not receiving responses
> The W3C  is the heart of the web, does it need defibrillating?
> Cheers

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