Re: disentangled representation?

Thank you Milton

Mathematics is a representation (*language) to express  logic
(as I learn from others)

I am not worried about the mathematics here, but about the underlying logic
it represents. Disintegrating logic from a systems viewpoint is ultimately
implementation of insanity, although it may be interesting

I find it frightening, and hope to be just wrong


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> Dear Paola,
> In another chat I  made reference to the ways our human brains make
> shortcuts in processing massive input of sensory data by using less of the
> data.
> This in essence has more to do with algebra and number theory than logic.
> Mathematically it has been shown that true randomicity does not exist, and
> that any massive rando data set has patterns in subsets. In algebra larger
> structures can be broken down into smaller structures, and in number theory
> you will find similar constructs.
> The formal modeling in string theory and cognitive architectures and
> CFT/AdS (quantum physics) looks at similarities between complex higher
> dimension structures and algebraic isomorphic simpler structures.
> Disentanglement hints at this breaking down in substructures. Two notions
> that seem to be related to disentanglement are bootstrapping and moonshines
> hailing from physics and in particular quantum physics and string theory,
> and they reappear in algebra.
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>> wrote:
> Thank you for answer to earlier questions-
> Today I am trying to get my head around disentangled representation
> But my blood curdles, I hope I am simply not understanding
> what this is about
> uh?
> Maybe KR experts on these lists can make sense of this and offer some
> explanation of what is going on in the world of logic that I am missing out
> on
> Thanks

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