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Re: Semantic Web Interest Group now closed

From: Franconi Enrico <franconi@inf.unibz.it>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 21:30:43 +0000
To: Martin Hepp <mfhepp@gmail.com>
CC: Axel Polleres <axel@polleres.net>, "semantic-web@w3.org" <semantic-web@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3DFF564E-6CCA-43D7-9696-7A6BA2D1909D@inf.unibz.it>

On 15 Oct 2018, at 17:36, Martin Hepp <mfhepp@gmail.com<mailto:mfhepp@gmail.com>> wrote:


martin hepp
www:  http://www.heppnetz.de/
email: mhepp@computer.org<mailto:mhepp@computer.org>

Am 15.10.2018 um 17:27 schrieb Axel Polleres <axel@polleres.net<mailto:axel@polleres.net>>:

+1 to keep the list up "as is"

Dr. Axel Polleres
url: http://www.polleres.net/  twitter: @AxelPolleres

On 15.10.2018, at 17:20, John Leonard <john.leonard@incisivemedia.com<mailto:john.leonard@incisivemedia.com>> wrote:

I prefer Linked Data as a term (I've never met anyone who understands what the Semantic Web is outside of people who are actually creating it whereas Linked Data is self-explanatory, at least in terms of getting over the first hurdle), but does Linked Data have close enough to the same meaning to satisfy everyone?

From: David Booth <david@dbooth.org<mailto:david@dbooth.org>>
Sent: 15 October 2018 16:09
To: xueyuan; semantic-web@w3.org<mailto:semantic-web@w3.org>
Subject: Re: Semantic Web Interest Group now closed

On 10/15/2018 10:49 AM, xueyuan wrote:
 > This message is to inform you that the Semantic Web Interest Group
 > is now closed, [ . . . . ]
 > With the introduction of Community Groups we now encourage the
 > participants in the IG forum to
 > establish Community Groups to continue the conversations.

Given that the semantic-web@w3.org<mailto:semantic-web@w3.org> email list has served the community
very well, I think it would be helpful for continuity if a Community
Group could take over the existing email list.  Is this possible?  And
if so, does this mean that we should now create such a community group?

My one hesitation in continuing with the existing list is that the
choice of the name "Semantic Web" has long been recognized as a
marketing mistake, so perhaps it is time to say goodbye to it.  "Linked
Data" is a substantially better term.


David Booth

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