Re: Blank Nodes Re: Toward easier RDF: a proposal

On 11/27/18 1:13 AM, Hugh Glaser wrote:
> It feels rather churlish to pick up one point among all your excellent postings, David, but here goes. :-)
>> On 27 Nov 2018, at 02:49, David Booth <> wrote:
>> ...
>> It is hard for very smart people to see why concepts that are simple to them are *not* so simple for others who have significantly less intellectual horsepower.
> …
> Perhaps this could additionally read something like:
> It is hard for people who put lots of intellectual horsepower into working on a concept to see that something that seems simple to them may *not* be so simple for people who choose not to deploy their intellectual horsepower the same way.

I think this talk of intellectual horsepower is unfortunate and 
inaccurate, suggesting as it does some kind of innate difference 
between the great brains in the ivory towers and the 
rough-fingered morlocks who write working code. What makes the 
difference is more like familiarity with the ideas, or lack of 
it. I confess, to me things like thinking of a bnode as an 
existentially quantified variable, or of a class as being a set, 
are just second nature, because I've been thinking this way for 
about 30 years. On the other hand, understanding how RDF relates 
to OO programming boggles my imagination.


> And, I might add, on something more useful to them.
> I think this may be part of the balance you are trying to change.

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