JSON Ontology Re: Toward easier RDF: a proposal

As I am sure you know, there is a wide proliferation of JSON on the web

Yet (in 2019!) we do not have a standard way for developers, and automated
tools, to map a JSON predicate into a URI

I've suggested in the past :

foo ->  urn:string:foo

But that has yet to gain mind share. Tim has suggested we have an HTTP JSON
ontology.  So, possibly that is the way to go.  Reason being that a random
URI is hard to gain consensus on.  But if someone goes to the effort of
creating a JSON HTTP URI you are unlikely to get two of them.

Two issues

1. Wouldnt there be a huge number of terms in a JSON ontology -- should we
maybe dynamically create entries?

2. Where would it be stored?  w3.org ?  w3id?  somewhere else.

If we can reach a consensus on this, I would seem that would be a way to
bootstrap a lot of the existing web?

Received on Sunday, 25 November 2018 17:19:16 UTC