Re: Developers don't use the Semantic Web because they shouldn't

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> I don't know. I see lots of articles that show that graph databases are
> growing such as this one
> Here is a picture from that article.
> [image: Databases comparisons on DBEngine]
The same article puts some emphasis on Cypher, etc. Maybe, we should look
deeper into a comparison with that, then? Personally, I don't find Cypher
more readable, more intuitive, or better documented than SPARQL, nor its
advantages over SPARQL much convincing. Some thoughts on both technologies
are given under
Most differences are merely notational, but some observations are worth
considering. This includes ids for properties (well, we can do this with
reification, of course), the inability to qualify instances of relations
(reification, again), arrays, etc. In the end, "We also know that
publishing RDF out of Neo4j is trivial, which is the same with importing
RDF." (Some students of mine actually tried to work with the RDF interfaces
of Neo4j a few years ago and found them to be dissatisfying -- but in
principle, that statement holds. I didn't touch Neo4j since then, though.)

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