Electronic Circuits on the Web

A bit of a dive bomb, but something that might be useful to someone.
I have a little history in analogue circuits, and it was hard not to think
of Web graphs.
It would be just another occasion of something else that could be modelled
in RDF, put on the Web. But I was prompted - Use Case for SHACL. (Salut
Reto on that).

Basically express the netlist of an electronic circuit in terms. I only
really thought of it in terms of metadata, getting datasheets attached to
circuits. But it should work at a lower level.
You have the circuit network expressed in SPICE, (every chip linked to its
datasheet, blah blah), but also, silly open circuit or closed circuit,
SHACL could spot that. How do you spot a couple of hanging wires?

It could be useful for anyone that plays with electronics, useful for
vendors of components, useful for a student looking for a project.




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