Re: Toward easier RDF: a proposal

On 11/21/18 8:06 PM, Alexander Johannesen wrote:
> Any new project in RDF feels like starting from
> scratch, there are just too many loose bits, too hard to get a sense
> of how the models work and the data model fit together.
> At least in the rdbms world you know what the intention is from the
> datamodel and languages. Intention is a powerful driver for
> understanding, and one that's always been hard in the ontological
> world 

Good point.  This sounds closely related to a problem that I had pruned 
from the list that I posted:

11.a. Overview of an RDF dataset.  We need better tooling for 
understanding the contents of a triple store.  What kinds of 
relationships are present?  What do they mean?  What are the namespaces 
used, and their purposes?  In a RDBMS this is fairly simple given an ER 
diagram.  We need the ability to visually zoom in or out, like with 
google maps.

David Booth

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